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Terms and conditions


International Art Events
Kemp House, 152 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX
Phone:  +44-7757141921 , FAX: + 44-2076812923

Shipping & Transportation

The Artist is responsible for arranging the delivery and collection of the artworks to and from the Pavilion Josephine–Strasbourg-France and might be liable for any other associated costs such as custom (if they arise).

The delivery and collection of artworks to and from the Pavilion Josephine –Strasbourg must be undertaken by a recognized courier/shipping company door-to-door service (please note that we won’t be able to collect from post office).


Artworks need to be packaged professionally in boxes, which can be reused for shipping back in case the artwork wasn’t sold.


The artist is responsible to insure the artworks while in transit and during the period of the exhibition.

Please note that The Producer of the Winter Salon Strasbourg 2016 won’t be responsible for any theft or damage of the art items on display.

The Artist also acknowledges that The Producer won’t be held liable for any bodily injury during the exhibition caused by; fire, earthquake, bad weather, vandalism or any act of terror. It is advisable that each Artist makes the necessary insurance arrangements

Copyrights and publication rights

The Artist authorizes The Producer to use the photos of his\her art, his\her personal photo and bibliography of the artist for promotion and marketing of the artist and of the exhibition at all media.

Hanging of artworks

The hanging of artworks is due to take place on 7th December 2016 and only authorized personnel are permitted to do the hanging.

Return of unsold artworks

The exhibition closes on 11th December 2016 at 17:00.

Once closed the artist can collect in person the unsold artwork.

Any unsold artworks must be collected by a shipping company or in person between 12th -13th December 2016, between the hours 10:00- 15:00.

*For any special requirements please contact me directly.

Sale of artwork

The Producer will charge the Artist 5% for the use of card machine plus any foreign exchange and wire transfer fees levied by The Producer’s bank.

No commission will be charged for any sales.


The payment can be made as one payment or two installments upon receipt of the Agreement. .

The exhibition fee is nonrefundable (even if the Artist subsequently, cancels his participation).

If the event is cancelled, we will return your payment in full but cannot be held liable for any additional expenses incurred.

Payment methods

Bank transfer or PayPal

For Bank Transfer contact –  wintersalonstrasbourg@gmail.com

*When sending the payment please make sure to pay all associated banking fees.

PayPal: zinaberko@yahoo.com


In case of any dispute or litigation -the Artist and The Producer agree to be subject to UK jurisdiction and subject to the UK Law.